Seeding – 1.8

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Ruby remembered to set her alarm this time.

Of course, it was her scroll, and that sneaky bugger was hiding suspiciously well, so Ruby was currently flailing around in her covers trying to find it to turn it off.

Aha! There it was, under her butt.

A pillow flying into her face and knocking her over let her know that her alarm had woken up Yang, too.

They only had one class today–and it was History, bleh–and it was in the afternoon, but Ruby had set her alarm for eight anyway. She would have set her alarm for earlier so she could maybe run with Weiss, or at least hang out with her on the roof again, but… she’d kind of stayed up a little late reading a comic book.

In her defense, it was “The Conquests of the Grimm Reaper”, and it was awesome. The Grimm Reaper was a famous huntress from when Ruby’s dad was little, and she was the first person to use a scythe as a weapon–two, actually! Crescent Rose was still cooler, of course, ‘cause she’s the best weapon ever, but the Grimm Reaper’s weapons (Life and Death) were still really cool. Like maybe as cool as Harbinger, Uncle Qrow’s weapon.

Well, not quite. But still, really cool!

She hopped down from her bed as Yang pushed herself up and rubbed her eyes, her golden, super long hair somehow not looking like a total mess. Somehow, Yang had a secret second semblance that made her immune to bed heads, and Ruby sorely needed to find a way to steal or copy that power.

Blake was still asleep, curled up hugging one of her pillows. It was pretty cute.

Weiss’ bed was empty and impeccably made, but Ruby was expecting that now. The violin case was gone, too. Ruby wondered if Weiss had decided she liked the roof. Ruby hoped so–it would be pretty neat if Weiss liked her idea.

Last night had been pretty awesome for the two of them. Ruby really felt like Weiss was serious about wanting to be a good teammate and friend now, and Weiss had seemed to believe her when she promised to be the best team leader ever.

The part with Weiss crying had been really sad, and Ruby still didn’t really understand why the paint had done that to her, but it turned out okay! It felt like Weiss had needed a good cry, and Ruby thought she’d actually made her partner feel better when it was over.

Then they’d studied for a bit, and Weiss explained the different acids used to purify the different colors of Dust. She’d also tried to explain the differences in Dust rounds and why some types of Dust need to be used in barrels of different widths, but Ruby hadn’t really understood it. She’d tried! Really hard! But it was confusing. She didn’t understand why they couldn’t just make the rounds different sizes so one barrel could work with every Dust type. Something about the “integrity of the bonds” not holding up unless the crystal was a certain size.

Ruby’s eyes glazed over just at the memory of that conversation.

‘No! You gotta learn this stuff, Ruby Rose!’ she chastised herself as she headed into the bathroom to brush her teeth. This was all super important and she needed to figure it out. She wasn’t quite sure it mattered as long as she knew what kind of rounds Crescent Rose could fire (lightning and fire rounds), but durn it, they were teaching it for a reason!

Plus, Weiss seemed to know everything about Dust and loved to talk about and explain it. So Ruby had to get good at this stuff–the Princess of Dust was her partner! If Ruby couldn’t learn it with Weiss’ help then she was just dumb.

She really hoped she wasn’t just dumb.

Trying and failing to fix her mess of a hairdo, she huffed in frustration. This wasn’t going to work.

She hopped in the shower for a quick wash and to get her hair to stop being stupid. She almost accidently used Weiss’ vanilla scented shampoo, but noticed what she was doing at the last second and grabbed her rose scented one instead.

There’s no such thing as smelling too much like roses.

After stumbling out of the shower and quickly drying off (not all to successfully drying her hair), she jumped into her jeans and threw on one of her several red t-shirts–this one had the cartoony little Grimm for Grimm Crush all fighting over a big chocolate chip cookie on it. Bouncing out of her bathroom, she found the room empty, and the door to Yang and Blake’s bathroom closed with the sound of the shower quietly coming through.

Were they both in there? That would be kinda weird, right?

Just then, the bathroom door opened and Yang walked out, fully clothed and running a brush through her hair.

Oh, and Blake was showering while Yang changed. That made sense. Ruby and Yang did that all the time back home. But they were sisters! Then again, Yang and Blake were partners, so maybe it was okay for them, too.

Ruby wasn’t really sure what the social rules for partners were. Was there a book somewhere? That might help her figure out how to act with Weiss.

“Want some breakfast, Rubes?” Yang asked as she placed her brush on the bookshelf.

“Yangcakes!” Ruby squeaked. Yang makes the best pancakes. She learned from Mom, the master pancakesmith herself.

Yang frowned and jokingly put her hands on her hips. “Ruby! Those are a special Saturday thing!”

“Ugh, fine,” she groaned dramatically. “Guess I’ll have to settle for stupid amounts of Admiral Munch.” She knew she wouldn’t have to. The cereal was only for when she was making and eating breakfast by herself. Yang always insisted on making sure Ruby had bacon or breakfast sausage or eggs when they were eating together–something about protein being super important for her muscles, as if she had any. Though at least she had more than Weiss.

Yang rolled her eyes. She walked back over to the bathroom door and cracked it open. “Blake, we’ll be in the kitchen!” she called in.

“Okay!” Blake called back. “I’ll be out soon!”

“You want some bacon and eggs?”

“Uh… Yes, please! Thank you!”

Yang pulled the door shut and gestured to Ruby. “Come on, Pipsqueak. Let’s get some food in that belly.”

“Woohoo!” Ruby cheered, skipping after her big sister.

As she pulled out the pans and bacon and eggs to start cooking, Yang glanced over at Ruby. “Weiss disappear on us again?”

Oh right! Weiss!

“I’ll go see if she wants some breakfast too!”

She turned to run, but Yang’s voice stopped her. “You know where she is?”

“I think so. Pretty sure she’s on the roof.”

That clearly confused her sister. “Why would she be on the roof?”

“To play the violin!”

The answer definitely didn’t make Yang any less confused, but she shrugged and waved a spatula at her to indicate she should go. “Well go ask quick, so I know how much to make.”

Ruby bolted, zooming through super cool extra-dimensional space until she got to the doors of the dorm. She had to drop her semblance there to push them open. The big downside of her power was that while she was hardly affected by the physical world while she was in Rose Form, she also couldn’t really affect the physical world back either. It would take her a ton of Aura to be able to push the door open.

Once she’d pushed it open she smiled at the faint sound of a violin singing above her head. She flew up to the roof.

Sure enough, Weiss was sitting in the same spot as the other day, eyes closed as she played her super pretty instrument. She also looked super pretty, wearing another sleeveless shirt that showed off her cute little shoulders and a mid length skirt that showed off her legs.

Ruby rushed over to her but stopped a good distance away, having learned that she shouldn’t interrupt Weiss when she was playing music.

It didn’t work, though. The air wave from her semblance carried too far and washed over Weiss, blowing the girl’s ponytail back and making her open her eyes.

‘Darn it, Ruby Rose. Why didn’t you just walk over?’

She mentally prepared herself for another annoyed “Did you have to interrupt me?”, but none came. Instead, Weiss’ lips curled up ever so briefly when her eyes landed on Ruby.

“Good morning.”

Ruby beamed happily. Weiss was being nice! Hey, that rhymed.

She folded her hands in a conscious effort to look as prim and proper as Weiss. “Morning! I just wanted to ask if you’d like some breakfast! Yang’s making bacon and eggs.”

Weiss blinked, for some reason surprised at the offer. “I… yes, I’d love some. Is… Yang okay with making me breakfast?” She seemed worried, though Ruby had no idea why.

“Of course! Why wouldn’t she be? Yang’s, like, the Queen of Breakfast! You should try her pancakes.”

Weiss pursed her lips in an ever-so-slight smile. “I’m more of a crepes girl,” she said softly.

“A what girl?”

Weiss chuckled at that. “Nothing. Thank you for… thinking of me. I’d like a couple more minutes to play, though, if that’s alright.”

The way she phrased it, Weiss wasn’t really asking for a couple more minutes, but that was fine with Ruby anyway. “Of course! Come join us whenever you ready!”

Weiss gave her a friendly nod and lifted her violin back to her chin as Ruby darted back to Yang.

“One more order of yummy breakfast, please!” she declared as soon as she popped out of her semblance.

Yang gave her a nod and added more strips of bacon to the frying pan in front of her and pulled out another slice of bread to put in the toaster.

She skipped back to their room to grab “The Conquests of the Grimm Reaper”, whistling the one string of notes from the song Weiss was playing as she went.

When she opened the door she found Blake with her back turned standing next to her bed putting a book down aND DEFINITELY NOT WEARING A SHIRT!

“Eep!” Ruby covered her eyes and tried to figure out what she was supposed to do.

“Uh, Ruby?”

“Oh, uh, hi Blake,” she mumbled as she shuffled over to her bunk. “Just grabbing my comic book, don’t mind me.”

“Ruby, I’m wearing a bra. You’re not going to implode from looking at me.”

Ruby sheepishly lowered her hands, but she still didn’t look at Blake. “Yeah, I know that!” she fired back indignantly.

She definitely wasn’t sure about that.

Although it’s true, Blake was wearing a bra, so her “superweapons” as Yang called them were “holstered”. Ruby didn’t wear a bra ‘cause she didn’t have superweapons like Yang. Plus, they were mega uncomfortable.

She wondered if Weiss wore a bra. It would be rude to ask something like that, right?

Oh! She could just check the closet and see if Weiss had any, right?

Would that be rude, too? It would at least be less awkward than asking.

Ruby wasn’t really sure why it even mattered, but she kinda hoped she wasn’t the only one on the team that didn’t wear a bra. She was already pretty nervous about being so young compared to everyone else.

She shook herself out of that train of thought and grabbed her comic from under her comforter.

Should she make her bed? Her bed looked awful right above Weiss’, who’d tucked the sheets into the corners and everything.

Bah! Who cares? They were going to class soon anyway. Nobody would be walking into their bedroom to judge Ruby’s slobiness.


“You can turn around now, ya goof,” Blake said behind her.

Phew, Blake had put on a shirt now. It was kinda short, though, and left a little bit of her tummy visible, but it was pretty cute. It was a black t-shirt, with a cartoonish yellow cat licking a paw stamped on the front above block letters that said “Catitude”.

Hehe. Catitude. Yang would like that.

“Books with breakfast,” Blake commented, picking a book of her own from the giant stacks next to her bed. “I approve of your life choices, Ruby.”

Ruby grinned widely at the compliment. “Mine has a super awesome huntress beating the crap out of Grimm and super corrupt evil Mistrali government dudes! What about yours?”

Blake blinked as they headed toward the kitchen together. “Nothing quite as exciting as that, I’m afraid.”

Ruby was undeterred. “Does it have ninjas, though? That dude on the cover looks like a ninja. Does he chop people up with a katana like a bad-a?”

Blake chuckled at her enthusiasm. “He is a ninja. But it’s more about his struggles conforming to the order he’s part of and whether or not he should follow his heart and be with the girl he loves instead.”

Oh. That sounded… super boring. “That sounds great!” she said instead.

Blake gave her a timid smile.

“Hey Blake!” Yang called out. “You want chewy or crispy bacon?”

“Chewy please!”

Yang nodded her head in approval. “Good choice. You’re not one of those crispy heathens like Ruby.”

“Look blondie,” Ruby sneered, pointing her comic book at her sister, “bacon is supposed to be crispy. Otherwise it’s just glorified ham!”

“Isn’t it just glorified ham anyway?” Blake asked.

“It’s glorious ham, Blakey-Blake,” Yang correct, wagging her spatula at her partner.

“Blakey-Blake?” the girl asked skeptically. “Ruby has Pipsqueak, Cap, Peanut, Ruby-roo, Rubadub, and who knows what else, and I get Blakey-Blake?”

Yang stuck out her tongue. “Hey, I’ve had fifteen years to come up with those, okay?”

“Believe me, she needed all of that time to figure out how to be clever,” Ruby teased, earning her a dish towel in the face.

“Quiet from the peanut gallery!”

Weiss walked into the room as they laughed at their own antics.

“Hey Weiss!” Ruby chirped.

Her partner gave her a small smile in response. “I’m gonna go put my violin up, one second,” she said softly.

Ruby nodded and sat at the table, flipping open her comic book.

“Do you want any help, Yang?” Blake asked, slinking into the kitchen before Yang could answer.

“Nope!” Yang gave her a little shove back toward the table. “Go relax, I got this.”

Blake hesitantly backed away and sat across from Ruby. She placed her book in front of her but kept watching Yang in the kitchen with a slight frown.

“Relax, Blake! That’s an order!” Ruby commanded. “Yang is super awesome chef extraordinaire, and she likes cooking.”

An arm wrapped around her as Yang hugged her from behind and kissed the top of her head. “Especially for my favorite baby sister!”

Ruby struggled to yank Yang’s arm off of her, finally succeeding with a huff. “I’m your only sister! And I’m not a baby!”

Yang chuckled as she walked back to the pans that were now filling the room with super delicious breakfast smells. “You gotta choose, Rubes. Do you want to be my favorite baby sister or just a regular, normal, boring sister?”

Ruby frowned and leaned back to look at Yang upside down. “But wouldn’t I just be your favorite by default?”

“Nope!” Yang said as she turned a strip of bacon over. “That’s not how that works!”

“Why not?”

“‘Cause I said so!”

Darn. There was no arguing with Yang’s “‘cause I said so” proclamation. Her word was truth and law. Unless Dad disagreed. Then they had to listen to him. Mostly out of pity, though. Yang was still always right. The sisters had just agreed long ago to listen to Dad so he would feel like he was doing the parenting thing right.

The sacrifices they had to make to be good daughters, ya know?

Ruby shook her head and went back to her comics, conceding the argument. There were worse things in the world than big the favorite baby sister of the best big sister in the world.

Weiss came back in and sat down next to Ruby! She was all super rigid and proper, but she seemed like she was in a good mood.

“Hello again!” Ruby greeted her cheerily.

Weiss gave one of her small smiles. “Pyrrha, you look different! What happened?”

Ruby laughed at the reference. Weiss had made a joke! That was pretty neat!

“That smells delicious, Yang,” Weiss commented, spinning to look at Yang but ducking her chin nervously when Yang looked back at her. What was that about?

“Thanks! I was thinking about buying the stinky bacon instead, but figured it wouldn’t be as much of a hit.”

Weiss frowned as Ruby groaned. Yang could be so weird sometimes. Weiss looked at Ruby questioningly, but Ruby just shook her head in a ‘let it go’ kinda way.

Yang was apparently still looking their way, because she laughed at the interaction. “Do you like your bacon chewy or crispy, Weiss? Keep in mind, there is a correct answer.”

“Crispy, please,” answered Weiss, making Ruby beam at her while Yang sighed in fake exasperation.

“I shoulda freakin’ known,” Yang grumbled melodramatically.

Hints of confusion flickered across Weiss’ face. “Don’t listen to her, Weiss. We know that crispy bacon is the truth.” She reached over to pat Weiss’ hand, but Weiss flinched away.

Right. Weiss is no-touchy. Woops. She’d been okay with a hug yesterday, but Ruby could tell it was ‘cause she desperately needed one. But in general, no-touchy.

Weiss seemed to realize she’d kinda overreacted, though, because her eyes went soft with an unspoken apology and she put her hand back where it was. “Crispy bacon just tastes better,” she argued quietly.

“Yeah!” agreed Ruby much more loudly, startling her partner and Blake, who’d gotten lost in her book while they were talking. “Plus, chewy bacon is basically just ham!” She was really confident in this assessment and thought it was really smart and profound.

Weiss didn’t seem to agree, though. She squinted and pursed her lips in a really cute thinking face. “But bacon is basically ham.”

“Man! That’s what Blake said too! Why can’t you guys just let me have this?”

Yang chuckled as she ruffled her hair from behind, a plate laden with toast, scrambled eggs, and chewy bacon in her other hand.

“Why can’t you just like the correct kind of bacon and not make me slave over the stove for an extra minute?”

“Oh, no! Yang, I’m so–” Weiss started to say, but Yang waved her off.

“No worries, Weiss. Was just teasing. One order for Babe Belladonna!” She slid the plate over to Blake, who raised an eyebrow before shrugging lightly.

“I suppose it’s better than ‘Blakey-Blake’.”

“You know what…” Yang grumbled, grabbing a strip of bacon from Blake’s plate and shoving the whole thing in her mouth and shooting her partner a playful glare.

Blake laughed. “Fair,” she conceded with a nod.

Yang headed back to the stove started setting up the other plates. “Just a little bit longer for you crispy heathens,” she informed them.

Ruby rolled her eyes at her sister’s continued barbs and turned to Weiss. “You ready for class today?”

Weiss smirked. “Of course. General History at ten with Professor Oobleck in Aberthy Hall, room seven.”

Ruby blinked. “Wow, you just had all of that memorized, huh?”

Weiss tilted her head in what must be a princess version of a shrug. “I memorized the schedule when we got it. What confuses me is Wednesday and Friday. Do we just not have any classes those days? And when is the Huntsman Combat class with Professor Rustheart? Neither of them are on the schedule at all!”

Yang plopped two plates breakfast awesomeness down in front of Ruby and Weiss. Squealing in delight, Ruby immediately started digging in, starting with her deliciously crunchy bacon.

“Oh wow, this is a lot,” Weiss whispered.

“Don’t worry about it!” Ruby reassured her. “Whatever you can’t finish, I definitely can!”

Weiss turned to her with an amused almost-grin. “How do you fit so much food in there?”

Ruby shrugged with a big smile as she munched on some bacon. “Dad says my semblance probably gives me a really high metabolicism. Yang thinks my stomach’s just a black hole.”

Weiss frowned and opened her mouth to say something, but Yang got a word in first.

“Yes, she means metabolism,” she chuckled.

Weiss nodded and turned back to her food. She picked up her bacon so weirdly! She pinched it with the verrrrry edges of two fingers like she didn’t actually want to touch it. Ruby bet if it was possible, Weiss would be eating bacon with a fork. Was it possible? Probably not.

“Isn’t this Rustheart’s first year teaching?” Blake asked between bites, picking up Weiss’ conversation. “Maybe he just, like, forgot to put himself on the schedule.”

Weiss rolled her eyes. “You think a professor in the most famous and acclaimed huntsman academy in Remnant would just forget to put his class on the schedule?”

Blake shrugged.

“I probably would,” Ruby confessed as Yang sat down across from her, next to Blake. “Though if I were the history professor I just wouldn’t put my class on the schedule on purpose to spare the innocent children from torture.”

That drew a laugh from Yang, so Ruby was proud of herself.

Blake scrunched up her eyebrows, though. “What’s wrong with history?”

Ruby took a moment to figure out how to respond. History was boring as all heck, but she didn’t want to say that if Blake liked it.

“Nothing!… It’s just boring as all heck.”

Wait, she did that wrong.

“Hmph!” Blake protested with a mouthful of toast. “I like it. I think it’s important to know where we’ve come from. It shows us how much we can improve.”

Ruby didn’t really understand what she meant by that. She and Yang already knew where they were from–Patch! History class definitely wasn’t about learning about Patch, that was for sure.

“I think it’s pretty cool to learn about all the old battles and heroes and stuff,” Yang added. “The rest of it’s kinda boring though.”

Ruby nodded. That was true. Historic battles were pretty neat. It was kinda sad to think about how many people died in them, but learning about the battle strategies and the things the people did in the fights was really cool!

“Do you like history, Weiss?” she asked her partner.

Weiss lowered the fork full of scrambled eggs she was about to eat and thought about the question–she seemed to be really thoughtful like all the time. Ruby figured thinking so much about everything must be exhausting. Maybe that’s why Weiss was so grumpy all the time! Too much thinking!

“It’s not my favorite subject,” she answered after a moment. “It doesn’t have a whole lot of practical applications to make us better fighters. It’s still useful and important to know, though. And,” she turned to Ruby with a scolding squint, “you should still pay attention in class even if you don’t like the subject.”

“I will!” Ruby pouted, doing her best to look offended. The insinuation! The audacity! The pr–

Yeah it was a fair thing to say. She had already been looking forward to doodling. But no! She was going to be an awesome team leader, and that meant paying attention in class!

… Even if it was history.


“Watch out, Rubes,” Yang warned her. “Professor Schnee’s gonna slap you with a detention if you don’t.”

“Like Ruby would sit still through a detention anyway,” Blake smirked.

“True,” Yang nodded.

“Hey!” Ruby protested. When did this become a Bash on Ruby Breakfast?

“We could always use the punishment Dad uses when Ruby misbehaves…” Yang trailed off, grinning at her sister.

Ruby scrunched her nose, making a Super Angry face, and pointed a bacon strip at Yang. “Don’t. You. Dare.” If Yang told them Dad’s super evil, totally over the top punishment, she was done for.

Yang gave her a smug grin and leaned back in her chair. “Don’t worry. I wouldn’t just give that information away for free.”

“Let me guess,” Blake pondered, “take away her cookies for a day?”

“How did–what?! No! Of cou–psssh, that’s ridiculous!” Ruby sputtered.


From the pleased smirk on her face, Ruby could tell Blake knew she’d hit the jackpot, and Yang laughing her stupid butt off didn’t help.

Ruby turned to Weiss, whose lips were curled in amusement. “Please don’t take my cookies,” Ruby begged, giving her partner the best set of puppy dog eyes ever.

Weiss’ eyes flickered as she took in Ruby’s expression, and she opened and closed her mouth as she floundered to figure out what to say. “I would never,” she replied softly after a long moment that was quiet but for Yang’s dumb chuckling. “That would be cruel and unusual.”

Ruby beamed at her partner and turned back to her sister. “Ha!” She crossed her arms in victory.

Yang just shook her head. “Guess that means I’ll just have to take them myself.”


They lapsed into a comfortable silence after a brief giggle, enjoying their super awesome breakfast. Then a thought popped into Ruby’s head.

“Oh! Speaking of cookies!” She ran over to the cabinet Weiss had made her store the box of remaining cookies (apparently Weiss didn’t want her keeping it next to her bed because of “ants” or something). “Weiss got me the best cookies ever yesterday, and I some for you guys!”

She brought the box over and opened it ceremoniously, placing it on the table with a flourish to reveal the four pink and white pastries of heavenly bliss that survived Ruby’s conquest last night. Yang better appreciate the sacrifice Ruby had made not eating all the rest of the cookies. It took absurd amounts of self control–they were awesommmmme! Strawberries and cookies were tied for the best foods ever, and strawberry cookies were just the absolute super best!

Just thinking about what a great gift this was made Ruby want to give Weiss another hug, but Weiss probably wouldn’t like that. Which was kinda weird when Ruby thought about it. Who doesn’t love hugs?

“Wow, those look great,” Yang remarked, pulling the box over to her to inhale the smell of strawberry deliciousness. She glanced at Weiss. “What was the occasion?”

Weiss kinda stammered and looked down at her hands and said something really quietly about olive branches or something. Yang didn’t seem to hear her any better, ‘cause  she frowned and leaned forward.


Ruby decided to jump to the rescue here. Clearly Weiss was nervous for some reason, but Ruby would save the day!

“She was just being the best partner ever!” she chirped, plopping back into her seat and getting started on the last of her breakfast. “And she wants to go clothes shopping with me this weekend so we can look awesome together!”

Yang’s face went dead. “That’s not happening.”

Weiss’ eyes shot back up. “No, Yang, it’s okay. I’m going to p–”

“Like hell you are!” Yang growled, leaning forward aggressively while her eyes suddenly darkened.

Weiss jerked back, clearly scared at the sudden turn.

“Yang, what the heck?!” Ruby cried out, leaning to get between her sister and her partner. They’d been having such a nice breakfast and suddenly Yang went all supervillain! Blake was leaning away from Yang now wide eyed and alarmed at the fireball that had just erupted beside her. (Seriously, when Yang gets angry she gets hot.)

Her sister’s eyes met hers. “You’re not going to go shopping for stupid, overpriced clothes that you never wanted before three days ago so Ice Queen here can throw her money at you and buy your friendship.”

Weiss shot to her feet, her chair loudly sliding backwards across the tile floor. No words came out of her mouth though, she just glared at Yang and took deep, heavy, angry breaths. After about five seconds of silence she lowered her gaze and slid her plate to Ruby.

“You can have the rest of this, Ruby. I’ve lost my appetite.” She turned to walk back to their room. She paused for a moment and quietly added, “Thank you for breakfast, Yang.”

Yang’s eyes flashed angrily at that like she thought Weiss was mocking her or something.

“Yang, what is wrong with you?!” Ruby almost shouted as Weiss walked away. Why was she getting so mad at Weiss for being nice?

Her sister rounded on her. “That’s enough, Ruby.”

“But why are you–”


Angry, confused tear sprang into Ruby’s eyes and she tried furiously to blink it away. “Stop making friends? I thought you wanted me to make my own friends here!”

Yang shoved a strip of bacon in her mouth and chewed with a scowl. “Not with her.

“Yang, she’s my partner! I have to be friends with her!”

“You shouldn’t have to change yourself and what you like to be friends with someone, Ruby. This is what I was afraid would happen. You’re too young and impressionable and you feel like you have to work hard to make friends when you’re great just the way you are!”

Now Ruby was really confused. She was mad at Yang, and Yang was mad at her, but Yang was complimenting her?


“You think I’m too young to be here?”

Hanging her head, Yang sighed. “No, I didn’t mean that, Ruby. I just mean… you get too eager to make friends with everyone, even people that don’t deserve you being so nice to them like Weiss.”

Ruby frowned at that. Weiss totally deserved people being nice to her! If anything, the reason she always seemed so sad was probably because people weren’t nice to her.

“But Weiss is awesome!” Ruby simplified, not trusting herself to say complicated things and not mess it up.

“Really?” Yang asked skeptically and a tiny bit sarcastically. “After she yelled at you twice in one day, once in front of our entire class before storming out of the room, you think she’s awesome?”

“Yeah!” Ruby pointed at the cookies laying on the table (still looking delicious). “She got me those to say sorry for that. She said she was wrong before and she thinks I can be a great leader and she wants to be the best teammate ever!”

Yang crossed her arms. “She’s said she wants to be a team before. You know, before she blew a gasket at you in the middle of a classroom.”

“She meant it this time, Yang. And I believe her.”

Yang rolled her eyes. “You believe everybody, Ruby.”

“That doesn’t make me wrong!” Ruby was on the verge of shouting again.

This sucked! What was she supposed to do when her sister hated her partner and they were all on a team together?

This was something a good leader would figure out. So Ruby had to figure it out.

“Blake, what do you think?” she asked. There was a fourth voice on the team, and she should speak up too.

Blake clearly didn’t like having the spotlight on her, though. She glanced nervously back and forth between Ruby and Yang. “I think… that I’m going to go check on Weiss.”

She slipped from her chair as Yang sighed. When Ruby got up to follow her, Blake placed a hand on her shoulder and shook her head.

“Let me try talking to her first?”

Ruby pouted a bit but nodded. She wanted to go make Weiss feel better and apologize for Yang being mean and dumb, but maybe it would be good to let Blake talk to her. Blake seemed very… wisdomous.

Blake left and Ruby crossed her arms and glared at her sister, doing her very darn best try to make Yang feel terrible with her eyes.

Yang didn’t really seemed phased. She met Ruby’s glare with level eyes.

They sat there in silence for a long time. Like, at least five seconds. Maybe even six. It was starting to get really uncomfortable and antsy, and Ruby squirmed. She grabbed the box of super awesome friendship cookies and pulled them over to her.

“You don’t get to have any of these until you apologize,” she grumbled.

Yang rolled her eyes. “I don’t care about her stupid cookies, Ruby.”

Stupid? Ruby huffed. “Well you should! They’re awesome! And only for nice people.” She took a big bite of one to accentuate her point.

Hnnnngh, so yummy!

“A shame that Weiss can’t have any of her own cookies then,” Yang muttered.



“She is nice. She knows she was being mean before and apologized and made up for it.”

Yang looked at her like she was dumb. “And the next time she decides to be a massive jerk to you are you gonna just let her buy you something that doesn’t cost or mean anything to her at all and all will be forgiven?”

“That’s not at all what happened, Yang.”


“No!” Ruby leaned forward and tried to show how much she meant what she was saying with her eyes. “She’s a nice person. She’s a nice person that I don’t think has had very many nice people in her life, so she doesn’t really know how to act nice. But she’s trying. Isn’t that what counts? Just like we’re trying to learn to be better huntresses, Weiss is also trying to learn how to be a better person.”

Whoa, that was deep. Must be cookie wisdom. Ruby always felt smarter when she was eating cookies.

Yang seemed to be wavering, her forehead creasing in thought at Ruby’s words. And Ruby knew exactly what she needed to say to drive home her argument.

“Mom and Dad always told us to be kind to others, not because they’re good people, but because we are. If you won’t believe me that Weiss is a good person, at least just be one yourself.”

It worked. Yang sighed and slumped in her chair, the last traces of red leaving her eyes. “Fine, Ruby,” she murmured in defeat. “Maybe you’re right. Maybe I should give her a chance.”

“I know I’m right!” Ruby chirped. Probably not the best thing to say, but she was really proud of herself for winning an argument against Yang. She couldn’t actually remember the last time that had happened. But she’d never wanted to win an argument so badly! Weiss was worth fighting for.

“But I don’t need to hear that. Weiss does.” She pointed towards their room. “Go apologize and make things right.”

Yang scowled and crossed her arms again, sinking further down into her chair.

“Go!” Ruby repeated. “Right now, you’re being the mean one.” That got Yang to look at her with sad, surprised eyes. “And don’t think I won’t call Dad and tell him what a big, fat jerky-jerk you’re being to our teammate. Now as team leader I’m ordering you to–”

“Fine!” Yang yelled, throwing her arms in the air and standing. “Fine, Ruby. I’ll apologize. Just stop yapping at me, alright?”

Ruby pumped her fist in triumph. Operation Get-Weiss-and-Yang-to-be-Friends was green across the board!

That was a saying, right?

Ruby smiled. First getting Weiss to open up and be friends, now getting Yang to chill and apologize, which she never does? Maybe she wasn’t so bad at this team leader thing after all.



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