Chapter 1.12 is out!

So I just posted the new chapter, Seeding 1.12. A couple more chapters to go to get to the end of the school week, then an interlude! It will likely be from Roman’s perspective. After that, Arc 1 will be done and we’ll move on to Arc 2 – Thaw. It’ll start with the Saturday shopping trip of wholesomeness :3

Hope you guys enjoy the read!

Affinity Tests

So it seems I portrayed the affinity test in Ch 1.11 as something exclusive to Professor Rustheart, as some people have said “Fookin’ Beacon teachers, m8” (paraphrasing here). I just want to make clear that the “shooting people with Dust rounds” thing is the standard method of doing an affinity test. I had hoped I made that clear through Weiss thinking about how unpleasant the tests were, and by the way the professor and students were all talking about them like they knew what was going on.

It was honestly just the best way of testing I could think of. The issue mostly comes from everybody having different amounts of Aura (something canon that is established in the show). You have to figure out how much Aura a huntsman has–the first three regular bullets serve that purpose–and then measure the Dust damage as a percentage of their total Aura. This was the best way I could think to do that.

Sorry if I gave the wrong impression about the test. It wasn’t just Professor Rustheart being whacky.