I’m back?!

Hello all! Sorry that this site hasn’t been updated in 6 months. WordPress was glitching out and would not let me see anything in my site editing interface and it wouldn’t let me contact support.

For whatever reason it seems to have fixed itself now, so I can update this site with the new chapters I’ve released on fanfiction.net and hopefully not glitch out again. The interface looks a bit different than the last time I was able to access it, so here’s hoping the formatting of the chapters doesn’t screw up. :3

2 thoughts on “I’m back?!

  1. Are we not supposed to be able to comment on acr 3? Maybe its just my phone messing up, but there’s no comment area in any of the chapters. Abyway thought id bring it up cause i cant tell you im loving each chapter. Im really enjoying the hunt so far (just finished 3.4) damnit why does rubes have to be such a doof trying to look like a movie superhero, shes already and actual superhero… in-training. Keep up the great work!


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