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Yes, the idea was a .22 Magnum. Apparently I just vastly underestimated the stopping power of a .50 BMG. The problem is I want bullets to actually be a threat to our lil’ huntresses, and 20 shots from a .22 being needed to take out Weiss already seems like a lot…. Also, it was not my intention to imply Ruby sucks at math in the last chapter. She just doesn’t know how the calculations for affinity work, as she’s never done this before. She basically just saw all the numbers Weiss wrote down and didn’t know the formula that was used to get them.

Also, Ruby’s Aura doesn’t constantly get drained while in her semblance. She “spends” Aura in three scenarios–when she gets hit in Rose Form, as she has to replace the Aura of her outline in the real world, when she burns Aura to empower her movement (speeding up, flying, etc), and when she comes back out of Rose Form, when she pops back in and burns off the Aura that was her outline, essentially. Summer was similar–she could spend Aura to increase the burst when she went into the Rose World so the petals she left in the real world would scatter faster, and then she’d spend Aura reconstructing herself on one of the petals, as long as she has enough… Honestly, Ruby doesn’t know what happens if she runs out of Aura while in Rose Form (I do, but I’m not saying :P), as she never has, but she doesn’t want to risk getting stuck on the other side.

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  1. Anything from fixed machine gun emplacements to massed fire from standard rifles to vehicle mounted autocannons could be a threat, but .22 is simply not a strong cartridge even to a normal human being and remnant runs on videogame logic. Bullets can still be a threat, just not the overwhelmingly superior weapon they are to a normal human. Keep in mind that fatal blows from all kinds of weapons get shrugged off by aura being basically a natural energy shield (a sword is more harmful than most small arms fire, it just lacks the range advantage), and huntsman weapons are more powerful than regular weapons. Coco’s chaingun or Nora’s grenade launcher for example if used against unshielded humans would be overkill.

    Basically, if regular unaugmented bullets were a threat in remnant, there’d be no reason to build all these crazy super-weapons or do any of that flippy stuff, which if you look up “physics of rwby” is both wildly inconsistent and hilariously insane (the recoil necessary to launch someone backwards with a rifle round is absurd).

    Also, almost nobody wears armor in remnant for some reason, and modern body armor is capable of absorbing rifle fire up to 7.62×51, to a point. The metal plate insert in modern combat armor is capable of getting a full magazine of anything weaker than 7.62×51 unloaded into it without suffering penetration, and absorbing a few shots of x51 without failing, though anyone getting shot in the plate like that is very likely going to have broken ribs. Standard .50 bmg rounds will go through about an inch of steel, though. And if you plan on having ruby shoot someone with their aura down, that would be… not pretty. Like – .50 separates limbs from bodies, not pretty. If you ever feel the need to describe that kind of thing, google ballistics gel tests, not bullet wound pictures. And this is before getting into the possible effects of various dust cartridges.

    But this aura quantifying stuff is really hard, even the show isn’t ever consistent, so don’t let it get you down. I hope my mostly useless experience with weapon physics is helpful to your writing in the future, though honestly the easiest solution is just to be less specific. The effort you’ve put into it is already more than the show’s own writers have.

    Your fanfic is still super enjoyable regardless, people that know this stuff are long used to all manners of media getting it hilariously wrong and everything else you do is so much more of an effort post than most fanfictions.


    1. ❤ Thank you! I'm glad someone recognizes and appreciates the effort. ❤
      Also, thank you for the numbers. I will definitely keep all of that in mind going forward.

      I will say that yes, RWBY had quite a bit of "that doesn't make sense, but anime" to it. The thing is, I'm writing a web serial, not an anime, so I'm trying to be more detailed and stick to the conventions I create. It also has always bothered me how wildly inconsistent the show is, so that's something I'm actively trying to be better at with this story.
      Additionally, I'm also kind of nerfing Team RWBY and Co. Their power levels, while appropriate for the show because it lets them show cool animated fights, doesn't jibe with a realistic variance between the huntsmen-in-training and the professional huntsmen. Ruby was honestly doing more impressive feats in the Emerald Forest than we saw Qrow doing in either of his fights, and the only reason we *know* Qrow is stronger is common sense and the show telling us, rather than showing us.
      That's something I want to be very different in my story. So, like, right now, a .22 is a decent threat to Ruby/Weiss/Blake (and to some extent, Yang), but it's not to Nidas. His "Aura Index" is about 9100, compared to Ruby's 1600, a SIGNIFICANT gap (and yes, I plan to make a joke about his power level being over 9000 in the story xD). I want there to be weakness and growth so when the protagonists win or lose it will make sense and not just be "Oh, the writer wanted Person X to win this fight, so they just did".

      But yeah. There's my expository vomit. Sorry, I get wordy. Thank you again for the kind words and advice. I will definitely be using the latter. : )


      1. Ah, in show “power levels” deviate hard from anime standard, which is good because that trope of codifying power is useless. Fandom power level discussion tends to make it more about feats of strength than experience and technique. Qrow doesn’t do anything more visually impressive against grimm than RWBY’s nevermore takedown, but he outclasses Tyrian in volume 4 after Tyrian slaps RNJR around. Again, making the military comparison with huntsmen; a ranger doesn’t carry a bigger gun than a regular rifleman, nor are they necessarily stronger, or faster. Experience is the reason Qrow is “stronger” than Ruby. In terms of raw power her weapon and semblance are both superior. And pros aren’t necessarily stronger than them, either, see the clowns from V6E1, how Maria clowns on 3 other huntsmen while fighting Tock, or how Hazel and Tyrian decimated Mistral’s hunter population. Strength in RWBY is really not about power levels – Jaune has the strongest aura and is probably physically stronger than anyone short of Nora or Yang, but is, well, Jaune.

        It’s like Weiss, who is easily the most broken character in terms of abilities, but gets defeated by trumpetboi, and chainsaw guy (and Vernal but that whole segment was poorly done, even if Weiss was rusty that whole bit was degrading).

        No fight outside of arena conditions is settled purely on the strength and skill of the combatants. Growth in knowledge and experience, team synergy and tactics is a lot more important in RWBY than numbered stats. I can’t say that crwby has handled that all that consistently either (Jaune is not a strategist, he’s captain obvious) but even the ability to read a situation and play it to your advantage is a matter of experience. Showing improvements in those areas is harder, but more meaningful than power levels. TBH that’s how I hope they take out Cinder eventually, drawing her into a planned ambush. It would be a great callback to what she did to the previous Fall.

        If you’ve read this far thanks for putting up with my rambling about the mechanucs of violence. Talking with you about it has been a good outlet for knowledge that hasn’t been useful to me for a while.

        I caved to reading the next chapter after I posted that last comment even though I was trying to save it for my next boring period at work. That was a wonderfully fluffy chapter. Now that we’ve been chatting about it, I’m looking forward to seeing how you handle battle scenes, but I won’t ever be one to complain about fluff or things “taking too long”, especially not when you write such enjoyable character interaction.

        On a related note, a writer I’ve recently started following for the same reason I enjoy your work is Skull025 for their restaurant AU. You might like it! They don’t put out content as fast as you (your pace is actually super impressive, thank you and please don’t overwork yourself) but they do long quality chapters as well.


      2. 😀

        So first, yeah. The power level stuff is a little different in RWBY. But the issue there is that, like, though Qrow looked better than RNJR cuz he was going toe-to-toe with Tyrian, there wasn’t really any reason it should have been going like that on screen. Every member of RNJR was just hella nerfed in that fight so they could make Tyrian look that much better by comparison (seriously, Red Trailer Ruby vs Tyrian fight Ruby is a freaking joke). So it’s all really eh. (Also, I absolutely agree about Jaune being Captain Obvious, and have been complaining about it for months on the subreddit lol. It’s soooo dumb. They don’t make him seem smart when he talks “strategy”, they just make everybody else look like an idiot because we’re supposed to assume they wouldn’t have come to the same (obvious) conclusions Jaune did.) And yes, Weiss in pretty much every combat scenario has been annoying as hell to watch. I’m actually going to have her be quite a bit better in this story, and when she loses a fight it will be because of a very specific personality defect I’ve given her that I don’t want to say yet.


        Thanks for all the rambling! 😀 Of course I read it all. I really enjoy talking about characters and stories and world-buillding–not just this story’s but in general, but this story being mine makes it matter to me even more.

        I’m glad you enjoy the character interaction! Apparently I’m doing that well because people keep complimenting the dialogue, which is freaking awesome. Combat is coming soon (not the next chapter, but the one after, and the one after that for Roman’s interlude).

        I’ll check out your fanfic recommendation! As soon as I get done catching up with wildbow’s writing… so maybe never. Lol. Dude is a madman.

        I’m also glad the releases are a good pace. I’m aiming for one chapter a week (at least–wildbow does 2+, so I know that’s possible, but he also doesn’t have a job iirc cuz his fans donate craptons to him), with 1.10 being that exception that took 11 days or something cuz I was slammed irl. But no worries! I’m not overworking myself. I have a lot of downtime to write at work.

        Welp. I word vomited again. Sorry :3


  2. TLDR at the bottom cause this is a lot of words about nothing

    So the rwby red trailer is pretty commonly cited as an example of Ruby being a badass but a lot of people think that Trailer Ruby is a better fighter than what we see in the show proper.

    Let’s start with examining base stats of the fighters involved. To us, a beowolf would be a big deal, but the trailer wolves were small and armorless, and frankly every member of the main 8 except Jaune could have handled that pack, though not quite as overwhelmingly. Ruby is stronger than them and significantly faster, and Ceescent Rose has wide reach and specializes in strong sweeping slashes that can hit multiple enemies and rend unarmored flesh like paper. Th e battlefield is also wide open, letting Ruby take full advantage of her speed and weapon range. While she displayed excellent technical skills and the gravity dust round recoil move was cool, she really didn’t do anything physically impressive compared to, say, dragging a giant nevermore up a cliff.

    Here’s the killer though: beowolves are DUMB. The older grimm are smarter, but the wolves are such mooks that when they show up in mountain glenn Monty passed up the opportunity to show a cool fight scene. Her excellent technique showcased skill with her weapon but the beowolf pack in the red trailer was really barely a warmup as far as grimm goes. They blindly rushed in, telegraphed their attacks and were essentially already dead from the moment they chose to fuck with Ruby Rose. Having excellent weapon form is all you need when your opponents can’t possibly dodge, block or think beyond the next 2 seconds.

    Now let’s look at what else Ruby has fought, starting with V1. I already mentioned dragging a giant nevermore up a cliff, but I’ve really got to restate – Ruby isn’t Yang, but she is definitely STRONK as well. Enough that her base stats beat a beowolf for sure. In the manga she FLATTENS Cardin in a single panel, but he’s scared of a single Ursa, so he’s basically a mook too.

    In V2, the food fight, she is the ONLY player to land a hit on Pyrrha. It was a comedy segment sure but she did kick Pyrrha Nikos in the face so hard that she stayed down for a bit. You’ll notice this is a recurring thing – she kicks HARD. Ruby is definitely a “leg day is every day” kinda fighter, considering her weapon. The paladin was a fantastic scene, enough said there. Mountain glenn: Beowolves get a slideshow because they’re mooks. Breach: bigger badder beowolves meet Ruby’s feet. Honestly she doesn’t get a whole lotta fight time. But an important bit in this is again Pyrrha and how she fights, because her and Ruby are opposites. Pyrrha is completely specced into fighting people. Prize tournament fighter, light and agile weapons, and you see her taking out small creatures one by one. Outside of her semblance Pyrrha really has no way of combating the largest grimm and would be either 6th or 7th in a large grimm fight depending on your opinion of Ren’s martial arts tricks that he NEVER USES AGAIN. And going into the tournament arc it’s clear that Ruby is the opposite – totally specced for grimm, with a huge weapon that telegraphs attacks and hits like a MAC both at range and in close. This on it’s own doesn’t mean she CAN’T fight hunter class opponents, but she’s just at a disadvantage compared to her peers, from missing 2 years of sparring at Signal and not having the experience. Weiss uses a rapier which is a very versatile weapon, and has her glyphs. Blake is a tricky terrorist that has definitely fought people, and Yang picks bar fights for fun. Every member of RWBY could likely flatten CRDL solo like Pyrrha did, though like Ruby with the beowolves, none of then would do it with as much finesse.

    V3 – Acquits herself well but doesn’t move on to the doubles round for the above reasons. Because of her ingenuity she is the only person in the show that has WON a fight against Neo, but Torchwick beats her not because he’s stronger, but because he has a bunch more experience and she’s unarmed. And then she kicks a grimm hard enough to divert it through battleship armor. But let’s talk about the Mercury scene because fuck REALLY that was dumb. They didn’t do very well at making that make sense – to fix that, that hallway should not have been that big. With room to use her speed Ruby should have gotten by him cleanly, but I suppose she was rattled as hard as Weiss when the boarbatusk disarmed her.

    V4 starts with the character short, where she does well and the only reason it’s not as cool as the trailer is because of the poorer animation, they really don’t recover from this until v6. The geist was mediocre, but the Tyrian fight is simple. He’s fast as HELL and it’s not showed very well, considering the silly punching scene. But he blocks sniper rounds with his tail, and is a huntsman killer. The big difference here between Ruby and Qrow, he’s got a lot more experience fighting people and his weapon is better specced for it. But this fight in general suffers the most from strict storyboarding, because of how many moments there are where RNJR is just STANDING AROUND instead of at least providing ranged support. This problem only gets worse in v5.

    The Nuckelavee fight is clownshoes. I really think that didn’t play out very well, they intended that thing to be scarier than they made it seem and like everything else in v4 it was stiff and jerky. It was a good narrative moment with mediocre visual execution.

    Volume 5 only had 3 action scenes worth mentioning and Ruby isn’t in any of them. The battle of Haven was a shitshow and even the maiden-bowl was more spectacle than thoughtful fighting. At least Weiss got to be cool with the ship fight and the giant bee summon, but this volume has been shredded plenty already. Fuck volume 5. Honestly they straight up forgot how good Ruby is at kicking things this volume.

    V6 – the train fight was pretty great and Ruby makes Qrow look like an extra, fighting much higher grade grimm than beowolves while on top of a moving train is a feat. The robot fight had it’s ruby moments (sniping missiles? Running on missiles?)but was played up as a spectacle. Ruby got to be cool but Weiss was definitely Best Partner the whole volume! MVP medal goes to her this round.

    So TLDR, In universe the red trailer was not near the best thing she’s done, the reason people think it’s so good is because the red trailer was a stage designed perfectly for her skill set so Monty could play his magic and show her off. She hasn’t gotten anywhere near as much dedicated focus any time since V1, and recapturing the monty magic is hard.


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