Roses in the Snow

Roses in the Snow is my fan fiction based on the characters and events of the show RWBY, by RoosterTeeth Studios.

It will feature a new plot, new characters–villains and heroes alike, and plenty of wholesome shipping (WhiteRose in particular, but plenty of Bumblebee and others for all you nerds that need your fix ^_^) .

Table of Contents


One thought on “Roses in the Snow

  1. Hey all! This is my website where I’ll be posting the stuffs and things for Roses in the Snow! kinda sucks for some stuff, mostly formatting and commenting, and I really wanted the chapters to have an actual comment section so you guys can actually talk about the story instead of the dumb review/pm system fanfic has that doesn’t even let me reply to guests and say thank you for the kind words. 😦

    Anyway, hope you guys enjoy the story! : )


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